Ark Ovrutski JOURNEY MOMENTS (AOM. 2018)

Journey Moments

by Ark Ovrutski

© Copyright – Ark Ovrutski / Ark Ovrutski Music (192914220152)

An energetic and swinging modern jazz quartet recording featuring Ark Ovrutski on bass, Myron Walden on saxes, Benito Gonzalez on piano and McLenty Hunter on drums.

Genre: Jazz: Contemporary Jazz

Release Date: 2018

Ark Ovrutski (AO) bass,compositions
Myron Walden (MW) saxophones
Benito Gonzalez (BG) piano
McClenty Hunter (MH) drums

it’s really fun to hear a saxophonist acknowledge the
great eddie harris..after you hear this cd,go back to this song
and fall in love this MW alto solo,cause the bass solo and piano
are soooo happenin’ !
here is a wonderful and seldom heard song by the late tenor man
frank foster,being played with the pep and energy the he’d love.
check out the part with ONLY alto and drums…leading to a very
interesting bass solo by AO.
if the listener is curious enough to ask “are drums THAT important”,
wellllll…just give this track, with MH behind the drum set your
undivided attention….yesssss.
here is another song composed by a tenor sax man wayne shorter.
this song,at a business man’s bounce tempo, is a great intro to
the playing of pianist BG smooth, leading to a mellow sax and bass
welcome to the world of an oscar pettiford-ism melody, played with a lot of humor and wit. note the jokes
exchanged between MW and AO…musical humor at its best. a thoroughly enjoyable joy ride..
let’s re-title this song to…new orleans meets the 1970’s new york.
it is a real good blend of the new orleans beat as played by the
meters along with the concepts of harmony and rhythm of the new york
70’ is a chance to pat your feet to the beat and figure out
the harmony and rhythm at the same time.
i am sure the herbie hancock, the composer of this song will appreciate
the complexity of this arrangement…6/8 to 4/4 and a variety of
shifting rhythms in between…a real picture of a/this group playing
this song.
this song really captures the spirit of brazilian music…the harmony,
the pulse…the drive of the beat…the wonderful solos…it’s all there
except the sun and sand !!
this song written by AO, as are 4 other compositions on this very
fine disc is the type of song that says ” okay…last chance..when
this song is over, we will have nothing left”….firey alto sax solo,
multi-harmonic piano…interesting rhythm-patterned bass sol,.
and all-out going-for it drums….all that’s left is applause from us !!

– RON CARTER, Multi Grammy winner American jazz double-bassist, Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame, Most-recorded bassists in jazz history.

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